Tandoori grilled lean breast chicken tikka, cooked in careflly selected mild sauce, nuts cocuntu cream and topped with a special butter sauce. A very mild dish


Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken cooked with soft chickpeas and spinach blended with chefs own special sauce.


Pan fried pangash fillet cooked in our unique blend of spices to create a delightful dish. A delicacy of bengal medium dish


Succulent pieces of tender chicken tikka cooked with shallots, garlic and coriander in with potatoes, baby corn, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach and full of flavour.


A very special dish its own distinctive flavour and various spice, cooked with combination of lamb tikka, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken on the bone, sheek kebab and a boiled egg with a medium strength bhuna sauce.


Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and tandoori chicken off the bone cooked in the chef’s own special balti sauce with tomatoes, onions, peppers,herbs and spices.


Cooked in olive oil with fresh garlic, onions. Fresh green chillies in a rich sauce with fenugreek and gram massala mouth watering dish.


Simmed in olive oil with onions, peppers, frsh galic, ginger and cumin, it is then cooked with mince mixed meat in tomato and corainder based with stock dressed with fried tomatoes, fresh garlic, root ginger and chillies. Slightly hot dishes full of flavours.


Salmon fich pan fried cooked in olive all with shallots, fresh garlic, green chilklies and coriander in a slightly hot sauce with baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes.


Strips of tandoori chicken of the bone cooked with mixed mince meat and a boiled egg, peas, capsicum flavoured with our special garnished herbs and spices.

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